Kadien | Tulia High School Cheerleader

Tulia High School Cheerleader studio senior session in the Texas Panhandle
Tulia high school cheerleader in studio senior session.

Kadien is a varsity Tulia High School Cheerleader and a great one at that! I swear she is the only one on that field that smiles 24/7 wither the team is losing or winning, rain or shine she always has that big beautiful smile.

Varsity cheerleader sitting in white chair with an orange cat at her feet

Keke came to see Kadien during her session. We have 3 studio cats and they are in the middle of EVERYTHING! It is a love hate relationship but everyone loves to hang out with them. Keke is the oldest, we like to call him the old man, he is about 13 years old now. It is actually very rare to get your picture taken with him.

Senior girl giving the peace sign in a tulia high school cheer uniform
Peace out high school!

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